Moodle for Corporate Training

Empower Moodle with Moco LMS

Moco is a software that allows you to significantly expand / strengthen Moodle tools for solving complex business tasks. As a stand-alone product, Moco can be used to assess company’s employees, as well as to implement a number of functions aimed to identify and to develop talents. If Moco works in tandem with Moodle, it allows you to automate the processes of elearning and classroom training, as well as to provide comprehensive assessment of company’s employee and plan their career development.

Moodle for corporate training

Main Features of Moco LMS

  • Simplified, customizable integration with HRM systems and Active Directory
  • User and Organizational Structure management; import of users and organizational structure from xls or HRM
  • Automation of training appointments and assessment programs, the assignment of curricula to organizational structure divisions, user groups and personally to individual users
  • Classroom training management:
    • calendar and catalog of classroom activities
    • submission and coordination of applications for training
    • the designer of the process for the coordination of applications for training
    • internal and external trainers base
    • classroom fund management
    • collection and analysis of feedback on the results of classroom activities
  • Comprehensive employee assessment, including the assessment according to the following components:
    • assessment of competencies
    • setting and assessment of goals
    • KPI assessment
  • The designer of the assessment forms and the workflow of the asessment process
  • Detailed reports on the results of training and assessment
  • Automation of user notifications via e-mail, notification editor with substitution variables

Moco Presentations

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