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Custom Course Development

eLearning content development is the creation of structured multimedia content for providing training sessions for company’s employees. In order to produce an effective, attractive and modern content, we take into account the following aspects of the elearning content development process:

  • customer’s needs and priorities
  • training and motivation of company’s employees
  • usability
  • interactivity
  • multimedia components and graphic elements
  • mobility

Our work results in the vivid and dynamic e learning courses that not only develop, but also get positive response from employees.

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Instructional Design

The main goal of the instructional design is to create content-rich and engaging e-courses for the customers. We are in a constant search of the best practices and fresh ideas that turn training into useful, enjoyable and fascinating experience. In our work, we are guided by the principles of the instructional design, which are based on the world’s leading theories and practices of adult learning.

The target audience of our courses is the field experts who are striving to improve their professional skills and to acquire new knowledge. In order to ensure a high-quality elearning content development, we do the following:

  • define the target audience and determine the learning objectives
  • develop and adapt educational material for adults
  • structure information
  • create user-friendly course interface
  • provide easy navigation
  • select multimedia tools for presenting course information
  • create authentic learning context
  • stimulate the search for new knowledge with a help of interactive techniques
  • provide clear visual feedback
  • focus on the motivation of students to apply new knowledge in practice
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Creative Graphic Design

A good design is more than catchy stylized images. Our design team creates such projects that inspire users to learn. That is why our courses are content-rich and engaging.

We do not practice such method as random design. Each course, which is made by our company, has the unique style that corresponds to the main learning purposes. Font and color, image and animation – all the tools are designed to provide better users’ involvement, helping them in solving learning tasks.

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Animation, Audio & Video

What role does multimedia play in the context of elearning content development? To involve users in training, we suppose. The e-course with an unassuming text on slides is monotonous and ineffective. It is hard to imagine that music lessons take place without sound accompaniment or the introduction to the sewing and tailoring classes is implemented without detailed graphic instructions. The combination of various means of information presenting involves users in training and motivates to further searches.

However, do the multimedia tools meet the expectations of both customer and developer? The answer is obvious: only if these tools are subject to the training objectives. Therefore, we define the following statements when preparing the storyboard:

  • the best way to demonstrate the learning content
  • the an expediency of our choice in the context of the already applied techniques
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Interactive Learning

eLearning without interactivity is boring. Today’s user doesn’t want just to skip slide by slide, but expects to get something extraordinary from the e-course. We create our courses in order to interact with users at different stages of their work with the content. The students can influence the result of the course, changing the training way and adjusting the educational material to their needs just in one click.

We do usually use the following interactive tools during e-course development:

  • pop-up hints
  • the visualization of the complex material
  • tests and quizzes
  • simulations
  • creative strategies
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Everyone wants to play. That is way the gamification becomes an integral part of e-learning today. We use gamification as a tool for solving complex educational tasks, taking into account the growing demand for game programs in the learning environment.

The game cycle (task → solution → reward) on which the gamification in the e-course is based, contributes to the desire not only to “win”, but also to “participate”. We provide user with a virtual gaming space, which has all the tools to achieve educational goals. The user has only to use them correctly.

Gamification implies that knowledge and skills that were achieved during the game are applicable in the real-life situations. The more successful user plays, the higher their performance in a non-gaming environment is. Making an effort to achieve a better result, course user seeks a solution, makes mistakes, receives feedback and tries to do everything to win. Thus, due to the game, we can turn boring tasks into fascinating visual adventure.

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Mobile Learning

The rapid development of wireless technologies has pushed us to adapt our e-learning courses to new, mobile requirements.

However, the course, which is used on mobile devices and the usual electronic course are not the same. In order to fill mobile e-courses with such features that make them effective and easy-to-use for those, who prefer modern gadgets, we do the following:

  • create simple and intuitive interface
  • design clear navigation
  • optimize the duration
  • reduce texts and images
  • use HTML5
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eLearning Templates

We create e learning templates and interactions to speed up the process of the e-course development. Our templates are characterized by diversity, creative design and flawless technical features. In our template library you can find dozens of vivid elearning course starters and more than 500 interactive slides created in Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, iSpring and Adobe Captivate.

Among other things, our company provides custom template development services. Taking into account the wishes of our clients, we create templates according to their individual requirements. Such an approach helps our customers to simplify the development of e-learning courses, providing them with the unique ready-made course starters and interactive templates.

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Authoring Tools

In order to realize all the variety of learning tasks, we are constantly expanding the range of the development tools. Such an approach allows us to deliver a rich multi-media experience to hundreds of users across the globe. Today, we use the following authoring tools to create custom courses:


Articulate Storyline


Adobe Captivate


Trivantis Lectora



eLearning Content Development Projects

Our company has expertise in the following fields of elearning content development: adaptation of employees, management skills, leadership, corporate standards, company’s products and services, software, important social issues.


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Custom e-Learning Course: "Ensuring the quality and safety of products and food services" The interactive e-learning course "Ensuring the quality and safety of products and food services" is developed to train the


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