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Our company has its own approach to the development of the exciting and engaging elearning courses. This approach is based on such principles as the iterative and incremental custom course development, early prototyping and use of elearning templates.

Custom Course Development Team

Custom course development involves the whole team of the field experts, each of whom is responsible for a certain stage of work:

Key Account Manager
Key Account Manager
Key account manager is a person who is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers.
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project manager supervises the production of the elearning course. This expert is fluent in written and spoken English, providing customer communication with the course development team.
Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer
Instructional designer is a person who is responsible for the development of the storyboard.
Creative Graphic Designer
Creative Graphic Designer
Graphic designers create the design of the elearning course.
e-Course Developer
e-Course Developer
Course developers create the elearning course, using the development tools.
QA engineer
QA engineer
QA engineer is the person who is responsible for quality assurance of the created product.

Custom Course Development Project Plan

The analysis of the goals and objectives of the training process and audience research, identification of existing problems in employees’ work and training, development of preliminary elearning course ideas for their further presentation to the Customer, formation of the general idea.

The development of the expanded concept according to the agreed general idea and presentation of the conception of the elearning course to the Customer.

The development of the detailed storyboard plan, which includes the name of each slide and its type or layout.

The creating of vector characters and backgrounds, design of standard slides and elearning course template; should include the design of all player windows and navigation elements, characters design in one-point perspective, design of basic backgrounds, objects and interactions.
The development of a full-featured elearning course prototype, including slides layouts, navigation elements, course map, help, scoring and transferring course results to LMS.
The development of a detailed storyboard according to the agreed course plan. Storyboard includes such components as the slide text, narration, description of vector graphics / interactions and quizzes, description of e-course completion logic, description of help and tips, description of scoring and displaying course results, feedback and requirements to e-course navigation.

The development of a detailed design according to agreed storyboard and the prototype of the elearning course; the design of all course elements, including vector characters, backgrounds, objects, interactions and quizzes.

The detailed e-course development according to agreed storyboard and design programming of interactions and animation.

The video shooting of the required scenes, locations, actors etc.

The studio recording by a professional voice narrator and synchronization of sound with e-course slides.

Final revision, performance testing in accordance with all statements required.

The guarantee support and actualization of the elearning course.

Recently eLearning Courses Developed

Our company has expertise in the following fields of custom course development: the adaptation of new employees, skill management, leadership, corporate standards, products and services, software, important social issues.


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