eLearning Multimedia Services

Multimedia for eLearning

eLearning Multimedia services include visual representation of course animation, which allows everything from the simplest task to the most complex image manipulations. The choice of the method depends on the objectives of the training course. The list of the most frequent tasks that imply the use of visualization is given below:

  • visualization of complex workflows;
  • visual explanation of the abstract concepts and notions that are difficult to understand;
  • demonstration of different ways of communication;
  • proper visual presentation of information slides;
  • need to draw users’ attention to something and increase their involvement in learning.

eLearning courses may contain video clips. This type of content is a video material, which is provided by the client or is shot by request. There are several stages of video shooting:

  • casting;
  • auditions;
  • screenwriting;
  • video shooting.

Voice narration is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the students, because audio accompaniment facilitates the perception of the training material. In order to provide high-quality audio records, we involve the professional voice narrators that meet the following requirements:

  • well-trained voice and diction;
  • studio equipment in special noise-protective rooms.

We arrange studio recording or use the ready-made sound by request. In addition to the narrator’s voice, other audio elements can be included in the elearning course. The sound effects that accompany the learning action have a positive effect on users’ attentiveness and motivation