Custom Content Development for Mobile Learning


It is necessary to provide such an interface that will be both clear and user-friendly. With a help of mobile learning we made course navigation so accessible that user gets used to it from the very beginning.

Mobile Learning

Those buttons, which are easy to click when working on laptop, are almost inaccessible when working on a smartphone. The user usually misses the necessary touch-element and clicks the wrong way. Therefore, the clickability of the active areas in our mobile courses is ensured not only by their sufficient sizes, but also by the distance from one spot to another.

Mobile Learnind Solutions

The legibility of text is the main requirement for the teaching material. Text brevity and text capacity are those rules that define the educational part of our training. Moreover, we consider the fact that large illustrations and video materials are not suitable for mobile learning. That is why we create content according to the technical specifications of modern gadgets.

Mobile Learning Services

We solved the task of technical workability of educational material in a mobile environment by choosing HTML5 format for creating our mobile courses. This allows us to make mobile learning available to any user, no matter which OS they chose.