eLearning Gamification

Why are gaming methods so effective?

Computer games are increasingly entering our lives and not only as entertainment. Their enormous invocative power is now successfully used in marketing, advertising and elearning courses, where gaming techniques are called eLearning Gamification.

The effectiveness of eLearning Gamification in training is explained by the fact that information is acquired at a subconscious level, bypassing our consciousness. Another fundamental difference between gamification and traditional training is the attitude to mistakes. The more unsuccessful attempts were made, the faster you will go to a higher level.

Why do we apply eLearning Gamification?

  • In order to maximize training to reality, to make it practical and functional, we create a game environment in which users can practice their working skills in an entertaining format.
  • In order to make learning interesting, we come up with unusual stories, introduce characters, and create a game design that can evoke interest and positive emotions. The use of eLearning Gamification also increases user’s involvement, develops learning skills, which makes training even more effective.
  • In order to motivate users and involve them in training, we use awards, badges, points, different levels of complexity, hidden content and other game features. Ratings encourage competition; success brings satisfaction from learning.

In our courses, eLearning Gamification is combined with a storytelling. We create a storyline around the original idea, presenting educational material in the form of a coherent story.

Storytelling and gamification are powerful tools for increasing the effectiveness of training; both of them can be used in almost any learning situation.