Our approach

We transform “manuals” into interactive multimedia courses

We continuously improve and optimize the development process to create the best e-learning courses for you.

Process of creating an e-course

1. Analysis

We define expectations and study the available materials

At this stage, we learn the requirements and wishes of the customer, study the available raw materials. According to the analysis, we create a concept of the future course, develop a technical design specification with the approximate implementation deadlines of the project, establish and agree upon preliminary estimate works.

RESULT: a technical design specification and preliminary estimate of works.

2. Development of the storyboard

We design and refine plans in details

We create a detailed storyboard for each slide of an e-course. The storyboard includes the entire text of the course requirements for imaging, audio scripts, as well as detailed instructions for designers and developers to create graphics, animation and interactive objects. Often during the development of a storyboard, we make a preliminary layout of the course slides in PowerPoint. It greatly simplifies verification of the storyboard by a customer and gives an idea of how the new course will look like. Course storyboard is usually written by topics/modules and passes several customer revisions.

RESULT: an agreed script and accurate estimate of works.

3. Design

We visualize

After agreeing on the storyboard of the first theme/module of the course we immediately begin the graphic design of its slides. Depending on the graphic richness of the course, the design may include the creation of illustrations, collages, arrangement of existing images and texts. The design, as well as the storyboard, goes through several revisions of the customer prior to its adoption.

RESULT: an agreed graphic design of the course.

4. Development

We implement

Having an agreed storyboard and approved design, we involve technical experts into the work. Programmers, Flash- animators, web designers and testers embody the idea of designers and trainers in multimedia e-course slides. Speakers and a film crew can participate in the development process to record high-quality audio and video. Revision and acceptance of e-learning course by a customer is carried out separately for each theme/module and altogether after the development completion.

RESULT: a course, agreed with the customer.

5. Supply

We install a course in e-learning system

The created e-course is installed in the e-learning system of the customer, inspection of its interaction with the system is accomplished, and the course passes final testing on a focus group and is sent to the customer for operation.

RESULT: employees who are training with the course in e-learning system.

6. Support

Technical support and updating

From time to time course materials require technical support and updating. Such assistance can be effectively executed by our experts. In addition, the newly created courses are warranted to allow the customer to be sure that after the end of cooperation, we bear professional responsibility for the created product.

RESULT: An up-to-date course and trained staff.