From a good idea to a first-class course

Development of an e-learning course starts with a good idea, whose implementation directly depends on the quality and completeness of the storyboard.

“A good sctory runs from the first page, the first paragraph, the first word”

Syd Field

A storyboard combines the customer’s wishes, modified raw materials, detailed instructions for the designers and developers. It is a link between the customer and provider, and it regulates the essential parameters of the future course.

When creating a storyboard we focus on the following aspects:

  • involvement
  • informativity
  • adaptability
  • simplicity and ease of learning
  • focus on practice
  • learning context
  • technical implementation

A storyboard of an e-course can be both created on the basis of the customer’s materials and with assistance of subject experts.

For the convenience of a storyboard review we perform early prototyping of the course in PowerPoint. Thus, the customer can see the model of the future course at the stage of creating a storyboard and can easily perform its revision by giving his comments and suggestions.