Design and multimedia

We try to make your courses bright and involving


1Graphic design

Each e-course has its own unique design, which is created in accordance with the requirements of corporate identity and the customer’s wishes.


Design of navigation and control elements, such as:
  • course map
  • buttons/links to navigate between slides
  • video/audio players
  • scrollbars
  • active links, pop-ups and tips
  • headers of modules and themes
  • progress bars


E-course characters can be created in different styles and with different levels of details:
  • recognizable characters, based on photos of a business coach or an employee of the customer
  • abstract characters, symbolizing a coach, a leader of the course, a student, etc.
  • “animate” objects, such as a talking paper clip, a drop of water, a stylized smartphone, etc.
  • It is also possible to use ready-made characters from our library


To create a business case and to express the context of the current developments in e-courses we create different backgrounds, for example:
  • meeting room
  • production department
  • employee workplace, etc.


Each slide of an e-course involves the design of its content. It may be:
  • adaptation of the available graphics
  • creating the illustrations for the slide
  • interactive objects’ design
  • selecting appropriate fonts
  • layout of text and graphics

2Our fresh projects on Shutterstock




Animation allows you to revitalize an e-course and it can be used for:
  • visualization of equipment and complex workflows
  • demonstration of communication and behavior examples
  • dynamics and placing of emphasis for informational slides
  • attracting attention and increasing a student’s involvement


E-learning courses may contain videos. Video materials can be provided by the customer or filmed on demand. When shooting video with us:
  • a crew with professional cameras and lighting works
  • a separate script with a text for actors by roles is created
  • a casting audition for the role is held

Voice narration

Voice of a speaker and postscoring of characters can greatly facilitate the perception of the material.
Postscoring is performed by:
  • professional speakers with a well-modulated voice
    and diction
  • on studio equipment in special noiseproof rooms.

It is possible to make a record of the customer’s voices in the studio or to provide the ready sound by the customer.