Synergy of experience and innovation to achieve the best result

1Development tools


Articulate_Logo A developer of innovative and easy to use tools of rapid development of e-learning courses. Articulate Storyline is understandable for beginners and has enough features for e-Learning professionals. The tool allows you to create colorful interactive courses using:

  1. a library of characters
  2. a state of characters and objects
  3. a time bar for the convenience of animation
  4. ready Interactive
  5. test tasks and exercises
  6. screen entry, making presentations and simulators for working with the software
  7. SCORM support
  8. publication in Flash and HTML5


Adobe_Logo Adobe products are known to every developer of e-learning courses.
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and certainly Flash are commonly used in web design and e-learning. Adobe also provides unique tools for rapid development of courses such as Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate. Adobe e-Learning Suite product package will help to solve any problems
of a professional developer of multimedia courses. Tools allow you to publish courses for the PC browser and playback on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). The courses, created with using Adobe products, have SCORM-standard and can be easily installed in any learning management system. Adobe e-Learning Suite package includes products for working with graphics, sound, programming, animation and layout:

  1. Adobe Captivate
  2. Adobe Flash® Professional
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver®
  4. Adobe Photoshop®
  5. Adobe Acrobat® Pro
  6. Adobe Presenter
  7. Adobe Audition®

2Off the shelf content


SkillSoft_Logo Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation. Skillsoft provides
cloud-based learning solutions for the customers worldwide, who range from global enterprises, government and education customers to mid-sized and small businesses.
SkillSost courses, books and videos have been developed by industry-leading learning experts
to ensure that they build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. SkillSost customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience, flexible delivery platforms and a comprehensive learning e-library to develop both packaged and custom learning programs tailored to the customers’ needs.
SkillSost currently serves over 6,000 customers and more than 19,000,000 learners worldwide
and provides continuing, hands-on support to assist them in maximizing their ongoing success.

3Сreativity and innovations


SweetRush_Logo SweetRush Company inspires us with its bright and creative design solutions and technological innovations in the development of bespoke e-learning courses. Our friendly partnership has been existing since 2004 and, hopefully, will continue for decades.

4Within Learning Management System



Nowadays Moodle is the most common e-learning system. Moodle is translated into dozens
of languages, and is used in nearly 50 thousand of organizations from more than 200 countries. The number of Moodle users in some installations makes up to 500 thousand of people. Such popularity of learning management system is largely due to the openness of the software,
its continuous improvement and free distribution. Due to advanced modular architecture, Moodle possibilities can be easily extended by third-party developers. Significant extension of Moodle functionality is achieved through integration with Moco talent management system.


Moco_Logo Moco talent management system greatly enhances the possibilities of Moodle standard version
and successfully works in corporate training and development. Moco can be used independently
for integrated personnel assessment, and along with Moodle provides an extensive set of features
for training and staff development:

  1. convenient planning of activities with the help of training programs
  2. visual customization of e-mail notifications
  3. flexible management of the access rights
  4. 360° assessment of competence
  5. evaluation of key performance indicators
  6. analytics and reporting, monitoring of indicators
  7. integration with accounting and HR system (1C, SAP, Oracle, etc.)