“Human trafficking – slavery in the modern world” Course

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In the XXI century, a phrase “human trafficking” sounds implausible; for this reason so many people underestimate the extent and seriousness of this phenomenon. And modern “slave-merchants” often use this situation. According to the International Labor Organization nowadays there are more than 20 million of victims of labor exploitation and trafficking in the world. This trend has not passed by Ukraine either: according to the estimates of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), only in the years of 1990-2000 more than 120 thousand of Ukrainians abroad suffered from trafficking.

The e-course “Human trafficking – slavery in the modern world” was created by “Technomatix” company by the order of the International Organization for Migration, in the framework of anti-trafficking, with the support of USAID. Active participation in the development of the course was taken by the IOM delegation in Ukraine.

The purpose of the course is to inform, warn and give practical advice on how to protect oneself not to become a victim of “the slaver-merchants of the XXI century”. The course includes both theoretical material and practical tasks, and consists of five parts:

  1. What is “human trafficking”?
  2. Who can suffer from human trafficking?
  3. Who are slave-merchants and how do they recruit their victims?
  4. What are the consequences of human trafficking?
  5. How can I protect myself and my relatives from trafficking?

The course “Human trafficking – slavery in the modern world” was created in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Postscoring and editing of the course in English were performed with the assistance of our partner – “Sweetrush” company (USA).


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