Corporate identity of Pulkovo airport personnel

cl-pulkovoEmployees of a company are its business card. That is why the management of Pulkovo international airport decided to create a training course dedicated to the subject of corporate identity. From our side we, as the course designers, tried to do everything to ensure the training material being not only informative and helpful, but also easy to remember.

A desktop arrangement, dress code, right hairstyle, make-up and manicure – all these themes are necessary to put them into practice. Therefore, in this course we have tried to create an environment very close to the reality. Thus, during the training the airport employees got not only theoretical material, but also performed a lot of practical tasks: they matched a clothes style, accessories and even shades of makeup for their virtual counterparts, played the game ‘Your desktop arrangement” and much more.

As a result, we received an informative and colorful course consisting of a set of interactive tasks and allowing to use the practical skills during the training period.


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