Service culture for cashiers of “Amstor” supermarkets

Colorful interactive course “Service culture for cashiers” was created for “Amstor” supermarket chain. The goal, the customer had, is to teach Amstor cashiers to follow the company’s service standards. The goal, we set, was to provide information about service standards in an interesting and memorable way.

How have we achieved it? Firstly, we have used an interesting storyboard, visualization
and animated characters (a mentor, a cashier and a buyer). Secondly, during the whole course, various “interactivity” is used, as well as examples of communication and behavior that require
the student’s involvement and help to keep his attention. Thirdly, the theoretical and practical course material is supplemented with the quizes, which allow to reinforce the received material. Furthermore, the entire course is accompanied by professional post-synching. As a result,
we have a colorful multimedia course consisting of theoretical material, educational demonstrations and practical exercises.


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